Friday, 15 April 2016

The First Big One

My first big win - a ridiculously fancy cartridge for my record deck and a hundred quid record voucher to blow on vinyl. Notwithstanding the fact that I’ve never dropped a ton in a record shop in my life, this cart is so fancy, it probably cost about the same as my deck (which may not be a 1210, but is certainly no heap of junk). As I recall, I did a little sick of excitement when I got the e-mail telling me I’d won.

I confess, I’ve not yet fitted the cart, but that’s chiefly because I’m not getting enough time to lay back and suck up sounds. When the children start putting less effort into draining my will to live, I will fit it, and when I do, I will love it. And these records, which already sound golden, will then be on-fire gold. Golden lava, oozing into my ears.

So, what was the challenge? Show off your vinyl collection and add a little tie-break text. It didn’t take long for this to turn into a pissing contest. Shelves and shelves and shelves of records. Photo after photo of shelf after shelf. There was no way I could compete, so I had to do something different. And for once, the boy cooperated.

my son pretending to be a DJ

Do you remember your first time, or the point you thought, hang on, I can do this?! I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below...

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