Monday, 18 April 2016

Tickets! (I love tickets)

If sleep is the cousin of death, then parenting is surely the step-brother of PTSD. Oftentimes I’d rather host a cage fight on my lap than listen to another minute of their shrieking, fighting, yelling and door slamming. I can’t hear myself think, as my father used to say (and God help me, I catch myself saying these days too). I haven’t the wit to plan a cup of tea, much less a day's itinerary.

You can imagine then how chuffed I was to receive a long white envelope with instructions as to how my next Sunday was going to pan out: a family trip to the East Anglia Game & Country Fair!

Picture of tickets

There’s going to be a chain-sawing competition, 21 squaddies on a motorbike and EAGLES! You have no idea how much I love eagles.

I am so wearing tweed.

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