Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Everyone Loves a Selfie

I don't. I hate them. I hate taking pictures of myself. Unless it’s documenting the progression of my facial hair, it’s just vain. As for selfie competitions … Really?! It was 2013 when the OED decided “selfie” was word of the year. And we haven’t moved on from here?

On the plus side, at least a selfie competition is neither as tedious as, nor open to the same level of bot abuse as a Twitter follow/RT comp; likewise, it doesn’t spam your social network like a Facebook like-share comp (which despite contravening Facebook’s T&Cs are still ten a penny). But still, as far as effort comps go, it’d be nice to see promoters come up with something a little more original.

That’s not to say I refuse to enter selfie comps. That would imply I had some kind of dignity I wanted to preserve. In fact, I’ve even won a couple. But mostly the experience has been about as productive as banging my head against a wall. Here are some head shots that failed to make the grade.

A selfie

"The Mirror Selfie"
A bit too self-referential, perhaps.

A selfie

"The Fakecation"
Wish you were here?

A selfie

"The Iceland Freezer Selfie"
I was trying to channel the Shamen. It didn't work.

A selfie

"The Toad"

A selfie

"The Perfume Selfie"
Probably not what the promoter had in mind.

Have you got a rogues' gallery of selfies or do you bin them as soon as you can? What was the most interesting selfie comp you entered?

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