Monday, 13 March 2017

Prize piles

The last few weeks haven’t been kind. I blame the change in routine. No longer can I use my lunch break to search Twitter for short-lived comps with precious few entrants. Instead, I’ve been sitting down in the evening to run my searches and trawling through page after page of irrelevant US posts. The fact that I’m exhausted by this point only compounds matters.

I’m working to fix this, of course. But in the meantime, I’m reminding myself about my luck credentials by dusting the virtual trophy cabinet, which is to say, working on my Winspiration Pinterest board.

Mostly, my prizes come in drips and drabs, so I can only really snap them one at a time. Last December, however, was my most successful month ever - in fact, things went so well that my wins were stacking up on my desk faster than I could find homes for them. At one point I was even thinking: Is this what it feels like to be Di Coke? Because if it is, she must feel BRILLIANT!

And that’s when I remembered prize piles.

When I first started comping, I used to pore slack-jawed over the winners’ stories on Prizefinder, gasping at the heaps of things some people were winning on a monthly basis. And I thought: one day, this will be me. And so it was - I was living the dream!

Dry spells are an inevitable part of comping, but it’s how we cope with them that defines us as compers. So, when I realised that this beautiful moment was unfolding before me, I captured it, intending full well to use it in my next trip to the luck recovery clinic.
Some of my wins from December 2016
When I look back on this picture, I think YES - I really can do this! I may not be able to make an actual pile in any given month (read, most months), but I'm a total advocate for snapping every last win for posterity. The prize spreadsheet is undoubtedly great, but never underestimate the emotional value of those Kodak moments!

Celebrating past glories is just one salve for bruised luck muscles - the best recovery programmes always draw on a combination of therapies. How do you massage your luck back into shape again?!


  1. I keep meaning to write a blog post about this too, I was having an awful dry spell earlier this year, chatting to another comper helped and then we started setting up our own silly challenges. Our current challenge is to win an adult toy - BUT whenever you enter such a comp you have to leave a comment filled with innuendo! I soon started to forgot about (not) winning as I was focused on something else - and what do you know not long after the wins suddenly came back!

    1. That's so brilliant! I love it when comping has a proper competitive element, but I've never considered it beyond a judged effort comp - Have you set up a league table?! How do you choose what to compete for next?! I could have so many questions about this!

  2. how fab to have a whole pile of goodies building up! Well done! Our most epic stack of goodies visually was when I won a years supply of baby wipes when my daughter was born - we built a wall out of them and took a photo, sat the kids on them and took photos, it was a huge amount and that was only two-thirds of it as i gave the third epic box to the delivery driver who had triplets and said he could do with some wipes. I think my comping hobby truly started when after a couple of random wins, my friend said to me I challenge you to win three more things by the next time we meet - and it just grew from there! Hope you have stacks of prizes every month!

    1. I remember when our lads were babies and there were so many heaps of temporary things piling up all over the shop - I couldn't possibly have imagined where to put a year's worth of wipes! What a great photo to look back on though - it must make you laugh every time :D One of my comping mates recently received a year's worth of porridge oats in a single delivery - vouchers would definitely have been easier to store!