Thursday, 2 March 2017

Let's #Snatch

This week, I've been mostly playing Snatch.

For the uninitiated, the simplest way to describe the game is Pokémon Go but with real prizes. However, that doesn’t do it the slightest bit of justice. Imagine a game where "rational" individuals might not cooperate, even when it might be in their best interests to do so, and you’re getting closer.

The aim is simply to collect parcels. Once those parcels are six hours old, they are locked down, and you can claim the contents. So, more precisely, the aim is to hold parcels until they mature.
There are two ways to collect a parcel: find it on the street or snatch it from another player.
In a perfectly cooperative world, players would go for a walk, collect a bunch of parcels, and sit on their stash for the next six hours. Life, however, isn’t like that. Unless you drag your stash off to a giant field or sit in a dinghy a couple of kilometres out to sea, the odds of you getting through the next six hours without someone trying to pinch your parcels are low to nil - especially if you’re in an urban area.

There are ways to protect your stash, of course, and these can be grouped into reactive defences, proactive defences and safehouses. I’ll talk about gameplay in my next post. Before that, however, I must mention the prizes: cash and vouchers are the bread and butter (with some golden parcels containing up to £1000), but you can also win other prizes, including (at the time of writing), t-shirts, flights, tickets to see Justin Bieber, and a PS4. So far, I’ve won a two-month NowTV voucher and £1, but I’m sure there’s a cheeky Nando’s round the corner.

If that’s enough to whet your appetite, go get the app from the App Store or Google Play. If you follow my referral link or add “95J73U” as a referral code when prompted then I may even get an in-game reward (thanks!).

My next post will discuss the gameplay in more detail, so if you’re worried about splurging your coins too quickly, you might want to wait until after the weekend.

Chat soon!


  1. certainly sounds interesting - have emailed your post to hubby to look into as anything gaming style is not my strength!

    1. I'd say it's more like poker than gaming - a lot of mind games! My follow-up posts will all be live over the weekend - I hope they're useful and your husband gets lucky!