Sunday, 1 October 2017

(Not) Unboxing September

Ooops. I forgot to unbox September. There are reasons for that (isn’t there always?) but mostly it’s because I got out of the habit of winning! Then, when I did get my first prize of the month, it didn’t come to my front door; rather, I had to collect it from a local business. As a result, it got carried upstairs in my backpack, quite bypassing the room in which I normally record my goodies. As for my second prize, well that was also a little abnormal - but more about that in due course. My other prize? Well, that hasn't arrived yet!

In sum then … apologies all round! Unless there are any objections, I’ll roll the September unboxing into the next video. Normal service will resume (at some point!)


  1. I chased up on the indie bay snacks on instagram and they should be coming soon - hopefully!

    1. It hasn't been a month yet, has it already? By crikey I'm in over my head!