Friday, 15 September 2017

Oh Nuts!

Just because I’ve had no wins to celebrate these last few weeks, doesn’t mean I’ve been without opportunities to own my luck - it’s just a case of knowing where to look. And in the present case, it’s about 150 yards from my house.

There’s a house on the main road with a hazelnut tree, and I’m guessing the owner has had his fill because you can grab a handful off the pavement every time you pass.
Freshly gathered hazelnuts, as modelled by my first-born
A couple of streets further on there are also cobnuts, but since these seem to require a 16-oz hammer to crack open, let’s just say that the yield has been less bountiful.

My first harvest is now roasted and waiting in the freezer for an opportune moment. Last year, that entailed grinding them up and mixing them into a crumble topping for a really awesome flavour boost. This year, I’m trying to lose weight … but I’ll probably do it again, anyway.

And when this little harvest season passes, it’s time for the chestnuts - and there’s a whole bunch of chestnut trees just a short walk from my place. That’s when the weight-loss programme really goes out the window, as there’s not much to beat roast chestnuts and hot chocolate when you’ve spent too long outside on a chilly autumn day!

Are you a forager (or even a scrumper!)? What fresh and free edibles do you have around your way? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. wow - hazlenuts - that is brilliant! Don't worry about the calories - nuts seem really calorific but the nutritional benefits are awesome! I wish I was better at this sort of thing - we did a couple of days of blackberry picking but that's about it. Even the apples on my apple tree are gross this year!

    1. There's no substitute for blackberrying! My mum had brambles in her old garden - the berries were so much better than the shop-bought that I refuse to eat any that haven't been hand-picked in the wild - I am such a snob!! Blackberries are also great when you're out on walks with the little ones as you can keep distracting them with nature's bounties ... Anything for a quiet life, right?!