Friday, 9 June 2017

My Lucky Patch

How many daily lotteries do you play? I’m down to two - any more than that and I get all panicky if I forget to check in each day.

The main one I play, however, is My Lucky Patch, which is like the Free Postcode Lottery inasmuch as the winner is pretty much selected by sticking a pin in a map, but broadly speaking, the similarities end there.

As with the other free lotteries, the size of your potential win increases by a nominal amount every day you check in. Unlike the other lotteries, daily check-in also rewards you with additional lucky patches (ie entries into the daily draw), theoretically improving the odds of you winning. In this way, regulars are rewarded with additional entries into the daily draw (unlike with other lotteries, where your odds diminish as more people join the game).

I’ve now checked into the site sufficiently often to have a potential prize pot of £250, so you can imagine how excited I got a couple of weeks back when I saw that the day’s lucky patch was in Norwich. Check out my near miss - two squares closer and I’d have hit paydirt! I've had the Free Postcode Lottery miss me by a couple of streets before, but this was a couple of car-lengths!
Screen grab from My lucky Patch
If another free lottery sounds like your cup of tea, sign up here [disclosure, I get a 15 patch bonus!]

Be lucky!

Do you play the free lotteries? How are they working out for you?


  1. never tried anything like this. If i start doing anything daily i find it can get a bit obsessive - even when i try to do the ones on prizefinder i start to find that i want to keep up with 'closing today'ones everyday - so i only tend to do things like that if i have masses of spare time - which never happens. Such a shame about being so close to this one.

    1. Daily draws are definitely not healthy for anyone with a tendency to obsessive behaviours! Lucky Patch at least gives you 48 hours to claim a win, so that's better than most of its rivals. Masses of spare time would be a luxury, wouldn't it?! I'd probably panic if it happened to me - and then waste all of it!