Friday, 5 May 2017


What a hashtag scramble that was! On Twitter alone, this was probably the most flash comps I’ve seen in one day this year. They just kept coming, even into the afternoon, as the Johnny Come Latelys realised they too wanted a piece of the pie. Perhaps most amazing of all - and I can’t believe I’m saying this - it looks like #StarWarsDay has become even bigger than #EdBallsDay - who’d have thought?!

Quite how things transpired on Facebook I couldn’t say - I only saw a couple, but they were gooduns, by which I mean they shew more wit than your common or garden like-shares. So, hats off to Music Magpie for their Star Wars treasure hunt that kept me trawling their website way past my bedtime, and to Hollywood Bowl for encouraging the public to upload their best wookie roar in the hope of winning a Chewbacca mask.

For the record, my Chewbacca impression was dreadful so I’m not going to share it. However, I *will* show you one of these masks in action.
There may yet be a few web comps still running, so if that’s your bag, you best get on Google tout suite. Good hunting!

Did you drop everything for Star Wars Day? Did you find any good comps? What hashtag day are you looking forward to next?


  1. I only did a few that i spotted rather than search specifically - having spent ages on twitter on popcorn day without a single popcorn win, I think it is still quite tricky for these sorts of things. I suppose the creative ones the odds are better for but it's hard to drop everything to enter those if they've got a short deadline. Would love a star wars related win one day as my 5 year old daughter ADORES it!

    1. I thought I was onto a winner with a couple of these - one of the Music Magpie prize lines (as it were) had only three entries! Sadly, twas not to be! I also found one comp that closed just before the 4th, so next year I recommend searching a few days early too! Remind me nearer the time and I'll try & tag you in some! :D