Friday, 28 April 2017

My big one

Being lost for words is nothing new for me - the imbecilities of my two children leave me in perpetual shock and awe. Less often, however, am I struck dumb by the peaks of life’s loveliness.

And then something like this happens.

A few weeks ago, I made a video for WD40 … Well, I was a lucky winner. A very lucky winner.

For a start, there was the merchandise - the hats and gloves. Then there was the heap of bike maintenance stuff - all manner of lubricants that I had no idea WD40 manufactured. And then came the bikes. Four Diamondback mountain bikes - utter crackers! And then - as if that wasn’t more than enough - was the GoPro Hero 5.
All my WD40 swag
Stunned doesn’t cover it. When I first read the congratulatory message, I sat there slack-jawed, with the butterflies in my belly pulling some some shocking manoeuvres. For the last few weeks, my wins had been infrequent and modest. And then this: a year’s luck in one great dollop! I messaged back to check it wasn’t an administrative error. Surely, they didn’t mean *all* this prize was for me?
Two of the bikes I won from WD40
But they did. My biggest ever win - by an enormous margin. Nice, with ever so many ‘i’s. The bikes alone are worth more than my car!

Even now I’m struggling to come to terms with my good fortune - and I don’t mean the logistics of where to store four new bikes at short notice (that’s easy: two in the dining room, one in the hallway and one in the master bedroom), or the matter of procuring whupp-ass locks (no way am I leaving these babies out with only my old D-lock for protection!). No - I mean that every time I see them, I just think: gosh.


Has your luck ever left you lost for words? Tell me your story in the comments!


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    1. Thanks Chris - It'll take me a while before I can top this!

  2. How FANTASTIC!!! I'm so pleased your video won - it was such a great video. Well done! We've probably had 3 of those 'need to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming' moments and two of those were technically my husbands wins and he's not even much of a comper! This was the one I couldn't believe: and my husband won the chance to be Pataks curry taster that year too: And then last year it was my husband that won the Dubai trip. I didn't enter as a blogger because I couldn't think of an original blogpost to write but it was richard's comment that won as the commenting winner. We all leaped for around with joy and kept thinking it was a dream! Here's to many more amazing wins for you!

    1. Oh my - the wine bottle design was excellent! I'm so glad they didn't digitise it - it looks brilliant - perfect - hand drawn! It must've been so great to be able to serve it to guests and go Yep - That's mine!

      I'm a rubbish cook - the kitchen really stresses me out - but I love curry (and really miss it because our fussy children won't entertain it)- that's a cracking prize!

      But the Dubai trip - I remember that! Your jaw must have been on the floor when they contacted your husband about that! Most of the blog posts went live about 36h before the deadline and I realised my effort stood no chance! I commented on as many as I could but I don't think I was thorough, and I certainly found it hard to make my comments pertinent to each post - so kudos to your husband's diligence!

      To this date, however, I've never had so much traffic through my blog, so I have to thank the promoter for that!