Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Desert boots

The past few weeks haven’t been so kind to me (Instagram, was it something I said?!), so that probably means it’s time to mix up my game a little. Among other things, I'm giving special consideration to checking out some old haunts.

In the grand scheme of things, Pinterest is one of my oldest stomping grounds. But it's been a while - I haven’t won anything there since my first year of comping. In fact, it’s pushing two years since I’ve paid it a second's thought, in a comping sense at the very least.

Back in my first year of comping, however, I won a couple of prizes through Pinterest - one for a Father’s Day board and one for a board dedicated to outdoor living. The Father's Day board was my first ever attempt at a Pinterest comp (and it shows!) but fortune smiled on me as there weren't many entrants; the latter one, however, took a lot more effort, but as it was for a £100 Wild & Wolf voucher and there was plenty of time to work on it, I figured it was worth a crack.

I was still a total novice when I put this board together, and was yet to see any of the guides to making kick-ass boards (such as Di Coke's tutorial or the tips available to Compers News subscribers), so there was no way anyone was ever going to think my higgledy piggledy effort had been put together by a professional...

Pinterest board preview

Pinterest board preview

Where it did succeed, however, was in the comments. Pinterest is (spoiler!) a highly visual social media channel, but people forget that a picture says a thousand words, and quite often, that leaves too much to the imagination. In this case, I figured that promoters like folks to engage with their brands, so I made as many puns as I could based on the words “wild” and “wolf” and the company’s different product lines ... and you know what? It turns out that someone out there does actually like dad jokes!

Happy days, but as I mentioned, I've not been back to Pinterest for a while now. Perhaps it's about time I reacquainted myself...

Do you ever get dry spells? How do you turn round your luck? And have you seen any good Pinterest comps lately?!


  1. I love pinterest but it just takes up so much time - i tried a few pinterest comps a few years ago and would easily spend a whole day on there for one comp! I came runner up and won a tiny prize once but that was it. So i quit using it for comps. If i had masses of time on my hands then i reckon it would be fun to do again or if i could be disciplined enough to set a specific time limit. Sometimes i do wonder how thoroughly they check entrants boards if they've had masses of entries - and I never know if they are looking for loads of pins or perhaps 10-20 really relevant good ones. x

    1. It's a black hole for time isn't it! I was wondering how I ever had time for it previously; now i realise it was because I was looking after only the one baby!

      Interflora have done a Christmas Pinterest comp for the last couple of years, but my boards have been so far removed from the winning boards that I won't be bothering this year - I clearly lack the florist's touch! Fingers crossed I'll be able to tweak one of my other Christmas boards for a different comp this year - that could be the best compromise for me.